It all began back in 2009 when the founder, Dylan, had been riding without brakes on a track bike through the streets of San Francisco in 2008, which resulted in changing tires fairly often. Dylan, riding a bike for environmental reasons in the first place, saved these tires in hopes of doing something better than putting them into a landfill. One day it became clear that with the tire shape and material, it could make a fine belt. So he went about trying different versions of belts and had a few close friends test them out. After testing, the product that emerged was something clean and simple that used only the waste material and a few solid brass pieces to fasten the belt. These belts grew popular among friends and soon enough Dylan had a website and was featured on blogs, primarily around track bikes, but a few other design and eco-centric blogs also found this idea a good one. Over the course of four years, hundreds of belts were sold to dozens of countries. But a lack of new inspiration and the fear of repeating the same thing over and over caused Dylan to eventually retired the whole concept and let the website go. 

Fast forward now to the end of 2014. Peter, a good friend and coworker of Dylan’s, had always been nagging him to do more with the belt idea, assuring him that a good thing was started there and much more could come out of the idea. It took a lot of persistence on Peter’s part, but with that and some other concepts of products and materials, a second version of the one-trick-pony had emerged. The two, now partners, decided that Retired Belts was too limiting and needed a broader scope of the same concept that so many people loved. In order to truly become a brand, a company, Retired needed to have more than just a belt. There would need to be a variety of tire products, and most importantly, a deviation from just the brass and tire combination that make sound belts but yield little other options for products. Retired Goods was born, and now takes the same principle of making a product from discarded material into a useful product that will outlive the original. We will be rolling out new products from other materials very soon.

Donate Materials: Making waste into something useful and well-designed tends to have people thinking of what other materials could become Retired Goods. We encourage you, the customer and member of the community, to contact us if you have a material, be it fabric, wood, or otherwise, that could be incorporated into the next product idea. Any material we consider will have this principle put to the test. We welcome all ideas and would like to find ways of transforming bulk waste materials into a new life. Thank you.